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Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman crash Richard Madden’s Conversations for a Cause Panel. [x]

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starkid + the name of the show

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Crackship/Fake Movie: Hrithik Roshan & Deepika Padukone in

Trying not to love you

And this kind of pain only time takes away 
That’s why it’s hard to let you go 
Nothing i can do without thinking of you 
That’s why it’s hard to let you go…”

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hollywood meets bollywood: henry cavill x deepika padukone

he only has one love in life: his career. well that’s until he meets her. vivacious and independent, it’s love at first sight. and it seems like it’s all smooth sailing from then on. hmm…at least until ‘the accident’.

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30 Days PLL Challenge: Day 7- A couple you wish could happen


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